Buh-bye cellulite

Let's get one thing straight: body lotions aimed at banishing cellulite almost definitely won't actually banish cellulite. 

But before you lose all hope of trying to achieve soft, smooth limbs before shorts and romper season, there is something that can helpdry body brushing. 

A daily brushing (using a dry body brush, of course) from your feet to your heart is proven to do more to erase those pesky dimples than the hundreds of lotions, potions and creams with promises of reducing cellulite that are flooding the current beauty market.

Reducing cellulite isn't the only amazing thing this bristled brush can do—believe it or not it has amazing health benefits as well.

Here are a few of the reasons why we've carved out a few minutes each morning to dry brush before stepping into a warm shower:

1. Dull layers of skin are removed, improving your complexion

2. Stimulates and increases blood circulation

3. Eliminates toxins from the body, improving the functions of your internal organs

4. Reduces the appearance of cellulite 

5. Leaves your skin feeling and looking younger

6. Soothes and massages sore muscles

7. Gives your energy levels a boost

8. Leaves your skin glowing

9. Assists with the distribution of fat deposits

10. Overall health will improve, leaving you feeling great!

Merben dry body brush

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